This is an entry in the Kenney Jam 2019 gamejam. It is a pre-alpha prototype and is very unfinished. This project may or may not be worked on any further.

Move - Arrow Keys/WASD/Gamepad
Open Settings Menu - Escape Key/Start Button on Gamepad
Fire - Control Key/"A" Button on Gamepad

- All visuals are from Kenney asset packs, aside from the Unity loading and splash screens at the start of the game.
- Music is from the Ultimate Game Music Collection asset on the Unity asset store.
- Settings saving/loading boilerplate, Unity audio wrapper, a custom event system, and some other similar utilities were used in the production of this gamejam entry.

Theme Explanation
It is unlikely that farmyard animals (or just a chicken in this case) would fight pirates over the ocean.

Development log

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